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Providing local Help and Support through the Global pandemic


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COVID-19 - How We Are Helping

This is an unprecedented time globally. 

We now live in a global village.  This is borne out by the fact that what affects someone in Ilasamaja is like to have an impact either directly or indirectly on someone in Newfoundland.

That is why more than ever we must come together to combat and defeat this global pandemic.

Here at Body Beautiful Flp  we will do our bit to help by creating our own little portal where we will share free advice information and resources you can access at this time of global crisis

We are ALL in this TOGETHER 

A few important things to note. Nothing on this page is new. It has probably been shared in different forms by many others and at different times on other platforms.  

However, what is important is this, having one more information channel can only be a good thing in the fight against this virus.   We want to help in our own little way by providing a mini one stop shop  for the following:

  • Information on the Virus - including
    • symptoms,
    • prevention,
    • what to do if you feel you have contracted the virus

  • Information on -  Where to get help with health care
  • Where to get help with food
  • Where to get help  money - either as individuals or business owners
  • How to stay well, active and productive during this period

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What exactly is COVID-19

This information is sourced from the WHO -  World Health Organisation 

According to  WHO Covid-19 is a respiratory infectious disease caused by the newly discovered corona virus.

Most people who contract the disease will experience mild to moderate symptons or respiratory illness.

Older people or people who have underlying medical conditions (including but not limited to diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, cancer ) are more likely to become very ill or have a very high risk of dying from the viral infection

How to Protect yourself from COVID-19 

  • Wash your hands with soap or  an alcohol based hand sanitiser.  Where you use soap, wash thoroughly (say for about 20 seconds) - as a rough guide, for as long as it takes you to sing a full verse of the  "♪Happy Birthday... ♪" song

  • Avoid touching your face and mouth and nose  

  • Practice social distancing - stay a distance of about 2 meters (approx 6 feet) away from  folks especially those who are coughing or sneezing

  • Maintain respiratory hygeine - Ensure that when you have to cough of sneeze that you cover  your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or with tissue

  • Protect and boost your immune health by eating healthy - ie. fresh fruits with plenty of natural vitamins especially Vitamin  C

  • If you have a cough fever or difficulty breathing get medical help early

  • The graphic below - courtesy of JBS Medical Services  illustrates the tips provided above

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Things can no longer  be business as usual

Everybody has to give a little to make a BIG overall difference

Where to find help

Everybody has to give a little to make a BIG difference overall

This may sound obvious:

  • Listen to the News from Credible Sources - in other words from the mainstream channels or platforms.  There is a lot of unverified inaccurate and potentially harmful information out there.  Be sure to act only on credible verified information - the fact that a friend shared a website link or a video clip or a post does not mean the information is accurate
  • The Nigerian Centre For Disease Control - +234 800 9700 0010    Their website address is
  • If you live in Lagos - The Lagos State Ministry of Health... contact  any of the following numbers 0802 316 9483, 0803 356 5529 or 0805 281 7243 (if outside Lagos, your state's ministry of Health
  • Below is a Directory of COVID-19 State Help Lines  for a number of different States in Nigeria - The list is being constantly updated 

Help with Food

  • Many parts of the country have a   'lockdown' with restrictions on movement.  However shops are open that sell food and essential items.

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Help with Food

Individuals Charities and Organisations  

  • Some Churches and religious groups  are giving away food - find out what churches in your area are doing
  • Charities and Agencies providing help with food
  • Food banks
  • Listen to News Channels for updates and information

Body Beautiful Flp

Information Help and Support Through the COVID-19 Crisis

​Help with Health Care

Isolation Centre(s)

The Lagos State Government has set up some isolation centres for those who have symptoms of the virus.

The addresses and details are listed below

The YPO a Lagos based NGO in partnership with the Lagos StateGovernment has set up an isolation centre in Lagos. 

The address is:

  • The Landmark Event Centre Plots 2 & 3 Water Corporation Drive, Victoria Island.

The Centre will only admit symptomatic confirmed cases that need hospital based care. 

Hospitals & Testing

If you fall ill, contact the NCDC hotline on 0800 970 00010 or if you are in Lagos State, 08000CORONA (08000267662) to get tested.

The following categories of people can get tested:

  • Anyone with travel history outside Nigeria who presents with a fever, cough or breathing difficulties within 14 days of arrival
  • Anyone who has the above symptoms and has been  in contact with a confirmed case
  • Anyone with fever and either cough, breathing difficulty or shortness of breath in an area of high COVID-19 occurrence in Nigeria with no other explanation


How to stay healthy through this period

​Stories on staying healthy

Nutrition and staying well

Supplements to boost your immune system

Exercise Videos and Wellness Tips

Click here for links to videos on exercises you can do to keep you fit and healthy through this period

Click below for Tips on how to maintain your wellness during the time

Body Beautiful Flp

Local Information Help and Support Through the COVID-19 Crisis

Help with Money 

If you are employed - chances are your employer will continue to pay your  all or part of your salary.

If you need short term financial assistance below is some information

  • The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) announced a N50billion stimulus package to help individuals and business cope with the pandemic.  We understand that this scheme will be run by banks and micro finance institutions.

Follow the link below for more information on help being offered to individuals and small business owners.  Note that these are loans that must be repaid

But in summary the facility is available to:

  • Households that can provide  strong evidence that their income has been adverserly affected by COVID-19
  • Medium and Small enterprises  that have verifiable evidence of their activities being adversely affected by COVID-19

For more information follow the link below-

Charities providing Monetary grants

Government Support for business owners/Employers

For information on coping with the Pandemic - download  our FREE COVID-19  Help Information and Support Guide

A detailed information guide to help you cope with the pandemic

What to do if you fall ill

Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum. 

  • If the symptoms are mild - self isolate, maintain hygeine and social distance - drink plenty of fluids
  • Take Paracetamol every four hours
  • If you have difficulty breathing go to the hospital
  • Call before hand to say you are on your way and describe your symptons
  • Follow your Doctor's orders or instructions

How To Boost Your Immune System  


Fruits and vegetable contain the natural nutrients and vitamins your body needs to support and boost your immune system.


A good work out is a great way of keeping your blood pumping and to naturally produce the chemicals your body needs to fight infections


Even though eating healthy and  natural foods is good for you, nutritional supplements contain the right concentration  of vitamins and nutrients your body's immune system  needs  for maximum protection and support. Visit our products page for a selection or quality supplements for your protection.

Download our free fitness worksheet to help you stay fit and healthy through this period

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